Mill Valley Nightlife

Mill Valley, California nightlife
Mill Valley, California: Enjoy The Night Life

Nightlife in Mill Valley means live music, clubs, theatre and films. The town of Mill Valley is known for its beauty and is a popular destination for visitors. Its small size supports a few but well-frequented night spots. With San Francisco less than a half-hour drive away, there are many more night clubs and dance clubs in the big city.

Bungalow 44

Bungalow 44 brings an urban edge to Mill Valley with its unique combination of creative California cuisine, a cool ambience -- and an imposing fireplace. On Wednesday nights when there’s live music, Bungalow 44 becomes a hip supper club. The restaurant has group dining facilities to accommodate large groups. 

Sweetwater Music Hall

Sweetwater Music Hall is a local venture started by investors among whom are Bob Weir (Grateful Dead, Furthur) and other long-time supporters of Patterson’s club. Sweetwater Music Hall is a late night venue that brings nationally recognized entertainment to Mill Valley and also acts as a stage for local and emerging talent to perform and experiment with their music. The club is both a neighborhood hangout and a world-class entertainment destination featuring Meyer Sound and streaming video technology for up to the minute performances. 

2 AM Club

The 2 AM Club is a popular bar in Mill Valley. It is known for being the backdrop of the cover photo of the Huey Lewis and the News' album, Sports. Locals call it "The Deuce." The club was started by Bill Brown almost a century ago and it was known as "The Brown Jug." During Prohibition it closed its doors in 1921. The bar reopened after more than a decade in 1933 with the same name. It became the 2 AM Club around 1940.  The famous "toilet seat" guitar invented by Charlie Deal still hangs behind the bar. If you happen to be in Mill Valley on Thanksgiving eve, known by locals as "Black Wednesday," you’ll see many Tamalpais High School alumni reuniting at the bar. 

142 Throckmorton Theatre

142 Throckmorton Theatre celebrates theatre, music, dance, film, poetry, visual and related arts as essential components of a fulfilling life, and a necessary part of human inspiration and education. Programs at the Theatre include engaging talks by authors, world music and concerts by respected artists, film screenings, and events.

CineMark (CineArts) At Sequoia Movie Theater

CinéArts films and CinéArts Theatres bring diverse, thought-provoking, good quality, relevant, and inspiring films and programs to Mill Valley. The Theatre gives moviegoers the choicest art and independent cinema in a unique environment.

Mill Valley has bars and lounges, and restaurants that are popular with locals and visitors. Check out our Restaurants page to see the full list of favorite local eateries.

Pete’s 881 Club

Pete’s 881 Club is situated at 721 Lincoln Avenue in San Rafael. This unique club has the vibe of a sports bar and card room. Enjoy a drink with old friends or watch a game with new companions at the sports bar. It’s always upbeat and fun at the bar.

For those passionate about poker, the poker room is a great place to be at. Find a friendly game for good old-fashioned betting. No limit hold 'em tournaments are offered at noon every Saturday. The entry fee is usually $60.

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